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Specialist Fugro has developed the Remote Operations Center. The ROC is based in Perth in their international telecommunications center and is helping Fugro’s maritime operations off the coast of Western Australia in a whole new way thanks to satellites, automation and innovation.

They are working via satellite network to control a fleet of marine underwater robots. These drones send high-definition video to external operators in Perth from an incredible depth. Combined with the reach of a satellite network, Fugro could use this drone remotely anywhere in the world – from the coasts of Africa to the American coast.

These robots go up to 4000 meters below the surface of some of the roughest oceans in the world, with tasks such as remote inspection, repair and maintenance of the Fugro infrastructure. To control the ROVs, an app was needed so that the operator could easily find his way. We were allowed to develop these.

This use of satellite technology means greater efficiency for Fugro, and also a greater degree of safety in the workplace, as it reduces the need for crew boats to visit subsea infrastructure. Fugro can now retain its subsea assets off the coast of Western Australia, including oil and gas resources, telecommunication cables and more.

  • Client Fugro
  • Date March 20, 2011
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